Tooling for the woodworking industry

Liquid Diamond coated spiral router bits

The Liquid Diamond coated spirals (LDC) are composed of almost pure Carbon.

Its molecular structure is very similar to the construction patterns of Diamond.

This allows totally outstanding properties for the tooling, Tooling hardness, High wear resistance to aggressive materials and extremely low coefficients.

The coating of woodworking tooling is now possible in almost all applications and tool designs. The coating of carbide profile knives, Spiral milling head inserts, and of course the carbide spiral routers. The combination of LDC coating (Liquid Diamond Coating) and the new hogging ECX and ECQ spirals range offer ultimate tool performance.

Liquid Diamond Coating (LDC)

• Low coefficients of friction, leading to greater machine feed rates
• Improved surface finish of the materials being machined
• Tool life extended up to six times the original life cycle